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7th grade language arts students investigate solutions for reading decline in teenagers

March 23, 2017 04:25 PM

Roosevelt 7th grade language arts students recently completed their project-based learning unit on teen reading habits.

The focusing question was:  How can we get teenagers to read more?  Students researched teen reading habits, cited sources, and conducted in-house surveys with fellow Roosevelt students.  They also conducted a survey at the CR Public Library gathering information from teens who attend other middle schools. They then compiled their survey results into a graph or table.

Students developed claims, gathered evidence, and met with CR Public Library staff Stephanie Hall, Amber Mussman, and Kevin Delecki for input about their projects.  Student choice was an integral part of the process as they were able to choose their own group members and decide on a project they were going to create.  Student chose a book or a book series for their focus.  They then pitched their idea to Dr. Kramer.  “Students produced high quality projects utilizing a hands-on approach to learning while demonstrating proficiency and exemplary work toward the state standards.   Creativity and collaboration were at their highest levels.”

Learning targets included writing an argument to support claims using evidence, gathering relevant information from print and digital sources, and presenting claims and findings in a focused, coherent manner.

Students then presented their projects to their peers and “authentic audience” which included staff members from the CR Public Library.  Projects included web sites, blogs, videos, board games, and display boards.  All projects will be on display at both the downtown library and Ladd Library.  Videos will be running continuously on the screens.

A special thanks to Mrs. Kruse, media specialist, for assisting with the videotaping process and also to the CR Public Library staff for their contributions to this authentic learning experience.

The following are links to project websites:

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