What to Read

This blog will detail what Mr. Frischkorn reads for the Roosevelt Library. He will give a short summary and a review of the book. These are simply his opinions and do not reflect that opinions of the Cedar Rapids School District nor the Administration of Roosevelt. :) New reviews will be placed above older reviews on this page. 

ollieOllie and the Science of Treasure Hunting, by Erin Dionne

This book follows Ollie to an island in Boston Harbor. He is camping with a different troop because he needs to get out of Boston after solving a mystery with his friend Moxie. This adventure is in the book, Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking.  On the way to the island Ollie angers one of the Senior Campers in the troop. Once on the island, he gets mixed up in a plot to find and steal a buried treasure put there by a pirate. The ranger stationed on the island is closely watching him as is the ranger's daughter. Ollie has to try to fit into the troop without angering any other camper, and try to have fun with all eyes upon him.

I found this book to be a fun getaway. It is a decent mystery and a fun look at what happens at camp. Definitely a pick up for mystery lovers.


iqI, Q series, by Roland Smith.

This six book series is an action packed trip across the country. Quest Munoz, or Q, is the title character. His famous musician mother is getting married to another musician and they are going on tour with Q and his new step-sister Angela. We find that Angela's mother was a Secret Service agent who was killed in the line of duty. Through the course of this series we travel to many different locations like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Kitty Hawk, San Antonio, Chicago, and San Francisco. The readers get a close up look at travel through a rock band and to some very famous landmarks around our country.

If you like Roland Smith's books, like action, spy, or unsolved mystery books, then this series may be for you. It starts out as a straight action novel, turns into a spy series, and then finishes on a rare, unsolved mystery kind of place. I was able to see Roland Smith speak about his writing style many years ago and he attributes his ability to write with realism to his habit of travelling to where he sets his novels. He had to change some details about the White House for security reasons but the details of everything else are spot on. This is a relatively easy read and one that will not take up too much time, but will keep you riveted. 


goodbye_rebel_BlueGoodbye, Rebel Blue, by Shelly Coriell.

This book is about destiny, death, and being true to yourself. Rebecca Blue lives with her aunt, uncle and cousin after her mother died. One day in detention with two other girls, their assignment is to make a twenty item bucket list. Things they want to do before they die. Kennedy Green is one of the other girls who is not usually in detention and starts freaking out. Rebecca, also called Rebel, calms her down and talks her through the process. The book starts getting interesting when Kennedy dies going home and Rebel ends up living Kennedy's bucket list. 

If you are interested in strong characters or are interested in changing people's lives this might be a book for you. I found it compelling and interesting. Rebel is a sympathetic character and I found myself rooting for her as she tries to fix her mistakes. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and would highly recommend it as well as this author's previous book, Welcome Caller, This is Chloe. One complaint is that a lot of the secondary characters are not fully realized. As the book progresses Rebel's cousin becomes more important but while we are given some of her motivations we are left wondering more about her. 

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