Learning Plan

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Director: Mrs. Natalie Miller

     RCCBA Orchestra


The String Orchestra is for students who are new to learning a string instrument. The class is mostly comprised of 6th grade students, however any student who wishes to learn a string instrument is welcome. Students learn the fundamentals of music, the fundamentals of playing their instrument, and perform at three concerts throughout the year. 

The Philharmonic Orchestra is the intermediate orchestra and is comprised of 6-8th grade students who have learned the basics of string playing. Students refine their current knowledge on their instrument and perform three concerts throughout the year. Students in Philharmonic Orchestra may have the opportunity to go on the Elementary Orchestra Tour in the spring.

The Chamber Orchestra is comprised mostly of 8th grade orchestra members and is the advanced orchestra. Students start to develop advanced instrument techniques in preparation for High School Orchestra. All member will go on the Elementary Orchestra Tour in the Spring in addition to performing three concert performances.


In addition to class time rehearsals, students are required to attend weekly small group lesson. Times will be assigned.


Concert Dates: All concerts are held in the Roosevelt Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.